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Best Mountain Bike Helmets of 2020 – Full Face Downhill MTB Helmets

When you are on the trails, the one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is what’s in your head. The helmet you have on should feel as if it is a part of you so that you can concentrate on riding and not worrying about your helmet. Unfortunately, all helmets are not created the same, and as in any aspect of life, some are better than others. Specifically, some may be better for you and some may be better for someone else.

Best Mountain Bike Helmets 2020

So we would like to give you a list of the 5 best mountain bike helmets available. You can use this list, go to your favorite bike store and try them on.

PictureProductFeatureWeightOur Rating
Obsidian Cycling AirflowEasily adjusts vertically AND horizontally15.7 ounces4.5 Star Rating
Bell Super 2ROverbrow ventilation system 2.65 pounds4.5 Star Rating
Troy Lee Designs A-1Reinforced polycarbonate shell2.1 pounds4 Star Rating
Giro Seam SnowX-Static Anti-Bacterial Padding1 pounds4.5 Star Rating
Demon Podium Full FaceRemovable & washable helmet linerRemovable, washable helmet liner4.2 Star Rating


Obsidian Cycling Airflow Bike Helmet Review

This mid-priced helmet is intelligently designed for being comfortable, offer maximum protection and provide superior ventilation. It is available in kid’s sizes, adult sizes, and can be worn by men or women. It comes with a patented adjustment system for easy adjusting both vertically and horizontally, and it looks good too.

If you are a night rider, there is no mount to fit a light onto, and some people have had adjustment issues. As always, if possible, try one on before purchasing, because there have been some complaints about headaches with this helmet.

Overall, this helmet will probably be right for most of the riders who want one, with airflow and ventilation a significant benefit.

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Bell Super 2R Bike Helmet Review

From the legendary helmet makers at Bell, comes the Super 2R. It comes in two colors, Infrared and Matt Black, and has a removable chin guard built-in for maximum facial protection. But then, what would you expect from Bell.

The exclusive TAG fitting system allows adjustment on multiple planes for a precise fit every time, and the ventilation system is one of the best, with a forehead vent that keeps air flowing even going up hills. It even comes with a camera mount/light mount, and this may be the toughest helmet on the list, bar none.

On the downside, this is, by far, the most expensive dedicated cool mountain biking helmet on the list. When ordering one, always order one size up, or the helmet may be too tight, and if you have a larger head than most, you may not find one that fits at all.

Overall with price no object, if you want the best, this is it, as long as you can find one that fits.

Troy Lee Designs A-1 Helmet Review

With a name like Troy Lee, you’d expect a helmet to be good, and this one is. It’s mid-range to high price makes it a good buy with decent protection, it has a lot of ventilation, and the unique cam-lock adjustment makes it easy to fit right.

If ever there was a no-nonsense helmet, this would be it. Function over form with this unit, and it has been prioritized for both protection and cooling. It even comes with CoolMax pads to aid in water/sweat management, making this the coolest helmet here. Plus, it has the most colors of any helmet here, and it is also one of the best fitting helmets for larger heads.

Since there is no dedicated light mount, night riding might not be a good idea. There is no camera mount either, and there have been questions about quality control, from Velcro strips not being attached to the inner padding falling out, and other things that should not be on a helmet at this price.

Overall, this can be a great helmet, and many people swear by them. But at the upper ranges of price, and with quality control issues, this helmet almost certainly must be tried on and checked out before being purchased.

Giro Seam Snow – Best Ventilated Bike Helmet

For those bikers, or even skiers, who love biking in the snow, there is no better helmet than the Giro.

This specialized helmet could be worn as a regular mountain bike helmet, but it is made more for snow-covered slopes than hills. If you get the largest size with the most options, it will cost twice as much as the Bell helmet above. On the other hand, it has design features that work best in the snow that the others can’t touch.

The ventilation system is made to keep your head warm in the winter, using a thermostat control, and lets air flow through when your head heats up. It comes in a large variety of colors and allows the Tune-ups audio kit to be installed. Although it has no dedicated light or camera mounts, strap-on accessories will fit well and snugly around the helmet. It is one of the more comfortable helmets to wear as well.

It does not feature MIPS technology, which is considered a no-no for a helmet in this price range. Truly, unless you are doing winter activities, the price may seem excessive for what you get. And, unless you get the Tune-ups audio kit, it won’t work with any of the other kits on the market.

Overall, if you want the best for winter activities, this is the only real choice here.

Demon Podium Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet Review

If there is the best bang for the buck helmet on this list, the Demon Podium comes in at #1. It is the least expensive helmet here, yet gives adequate protection and ventilation for all but the hardest core biker. Even though it only comes in two colors, white and black, it is still a great deal by anyone’s standards.

Ventilation on the hottest days is not one of its strong points, and the fit runs small. Order up a size or two, but better still, try one on before you buy. There are no light or camera mounts, and your color choices are limited.

Overall, if you just want a decent helmet at a decent price, The Demon is a winner on all counts.

Things To Consider Before Buying Top Mountain Bike Helmets

  1. Protection: The first thing to consider about any helmet is whether or not it will protect your head. All bike helmets that are certified for protection will have a Consumer Product Safety Commission certification label. This is very important because these helmets are tested for bikers and the impact a biker might have riding. Helmets that are used for skateboarding, baseball, roller hockey, and other sports, will not have the safety label and are therefore not safe for riding. That being said, every helmet on this list is a certified biking helmet, and as such, safety should always be a priority when getting any helmet for riding.
  2. Fitting: Another major factor is how it fits, and this also has a lot to do with safety too. An ill-fitting helmet will not protect you as well as a helmet that fits your head like a glove. A helmet that is too tight might give you headaches, while a helmet that flops (4) around may cause an accident. In every case when buying a new helmet, it is better to go to a store and strap it on your head as opposed to getting one online. Sure, you may find a better deal on the Internet, but if it doesn’t fit right, you are compromising the safety of your brain for a few extra dollars. You’ll have to ask yourself whether that compromise is truly worth it, and go from there.
  3. Weather: Some differences should be taken into account. If you are always running in the summer or live in an area with weather that is hot, a helmet that has the best ventilation must be considered first. Conversely, if you reside in a place with cooler temperatures, ventilation becomes less important. If you need a helmet that protects you from the cold, a cold-weather mask should be first on your list.
  4. Colors and Styling: When it comes to colors and styling, that’s a subjective choice, and you can get whatever you want. However, in an ideal world, the best colors to be seen in are lighter and brighter, just like motorcycle helmets. That probably only matters when you are on the street riding to and from wherever you are going, but once out on the trails or in the woods it won’t make much of a difference. Choose a style and a color that best suits you in any of the helmets you get.
  5. Price: Last but not least is the price. Since each of these helmets is certified, regardless of cost, you’ll be protected. You’ll have to decide entirely on how much you want to spend, but really, never spend more than you can afford, as long as the model you want fits right. Remember, a good-fitting helmet is a safe fitting helmet, so if you have to spend more on a helmet that fits correctly, it will be worth the extra cost in safety alone.

Final Words

The bottom line for buying a helmet is actually personal. Since every helmet here is certified, and one of them will do the job, provided they fit right. So, no matter which one you get, you’ll have to be happy with it every time you use it, from the style, the colors, and maybe even the brand name if that’s what you want.

For many people, getting a helmet is like buying their favorite car. They may tell you that one helmet is better than the other, but just like cars, they are all good. Any of these helmets will perform as well as any of the others. Get something you like, get something you’ll use, and get something within your price range. You’ll be happy every time you are out riding, trails, paths, on the track, in the street, or at the bike park.

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