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Can you put hybrid tires on a mountain bike?

Yes, you can put hybrid tires on a mountain bike, but if you’re riding on rocky terrain, it’s suggested to use a mountain bike tire as the tread on a hybrid bike isn’t as supple.

If you enjoy going on long mountain bike journeys, then you need the ability of your tires to grip any surface that they may come across. The last thing anyone wants is for their tires to slide off of a rock and end up crashing into a tree branch.

Even worse would be not being able to control your bicycle from sliding down an unmaintainable trailside with many bumps. Mountain bike tires are made to be supple and enable a rider to control their bicycle in any condition. Some hybrids have received the same treatment, but not all.

If you’re planning on using a hybrid for mountain biking, then you should consider wheels that have more spokes than what hybrids typically have, which is about 16-26 spokes. 32 spokes is a safer bet, but if you’re on a budget, then 24 will work just fine.

Keep in mind that more spokes mean a slightly heavier bike. But it would be worth it if you get the results you desire, which are for your bicycle to remain under control when going downhill or experiencing other bumpy obstacles while riding on any terrain.